Virtual dub 1. 4d -> blue screen
Estj TV karta WinTV / FM, (winMe) kogda zahvativaju video s AV_IO, NanoDVR, cinemasterDVR, vsjo rabotajet, no pri popitke zahvatit virtual dubom ili Adobe premiere 6- vidajotsa osibka kernela i potom sinij ekran. Samoe interesnoje cto paru raz s virtual dubom udalos zahvatit.

how to make Russian titles in VideoStudio9. 0
The question itself is described in the topic title. But there is little point. I myself in video editing is not strong. and I will be grateful if you can help in detail. I have already done Russian titles, but now does not work.

Converters and basic video settings for now.
Very interesting to see in what format to display the video after the editors. For example, we have a file 55min, MPEG, after Eddiusa-6 9Ggb. Trying his shrink Format Factory and AVS-th in 16: 9 format, MP4 or AVI.

Again Hollywood + ffdshow + HHPlus and DivX
Recently downloaded with http: // unc. dl. sourceforge. net / sourceforge / ffdshow / ffdshow-20020606. exe different filter. Supports all standard DivX and works fine with Hollywood + and HHPlus! But at work lost opportunity to enhance rnrquasar. vxd drivers from Hollywood +.

from chevo appeared full recalculation video Primere6. 0
When you save onto your mounted piece without effects and filters without zzhatiya Microsoft DV AVI doing everything as usual except that the speed suddenly dropped from 40fps to 4fps in what could be the reason? ? ? And the main thing that some pieces are compressed and some on the contrary more th

Specific program for video!
Hello, Comrades! ! ! Please help, I will try shortly! IF _ too lazy to read a very short: There is a long video, it has fragments of a loud sound level, while these fragments I know. You need to quickly find these fragments (by start time or volume) and view.

Video capture error --- help! ! !
Do not capture video from VHS through Asus v3800 Tried firewood capture asuscap, WDM (changed them) and bend uiVCR, VirtualDub, Asus Live and MJPEG codec and Huffyuv uiVCR - error render capture graph filed virtualDub - error captures drivers. . . la-la-la poplar. . .

Capture using the Asus 7700
Good afternoon. I try to capture video using the Asus 7700 (s-video, NTSC-M) using Ulead Media Studio, Ulead Movie Factory, ASUS Digital VCR 2. 1. The problem is that the output is pretty disgusting quality: squares throughout the film. UM captcha vcd only with a bitrate of 1123.

There was a couple of good drives HDDVD. How and what to convert, so you can then look?
HDDVD support in new versions of PowerDVD player has been abolished - I think the trend. The drive will have to leave the only Blu-ray. How would do in this situation? (Supposed to keep movies on the screw, and then on the Blu-ray-R).

ASUS 7100 COMBO - not like TV output. .
Hello everyone! As always, I have a question on the map. . . . I Achieved from her just what he wanted in relation to the input of the output is now undertaken. . . I do not like her picture on TV - even if the colors as you can adjust, the image quality in any way.

Conclusion on video
What is the difference formats Type-1 and Type-2. Made a movie in the format of Type-2. start downloading Nazan on mini-DV camera (pressed "export..."), And I was in response "You can format only Type-1". Remade in Type-1. Everything turned out.

How best to encode from the perspectives of the development of the video?
Good afternoon! The question arose as to encode video with the camera Canon S3is (640 x 480, 30 frames / sec, Motion Jpeg, sound: 44100, stereo, wav).

virtualdub - opening video "avc1" through "FFMpeg Supported Fiels" changes color
Good afternoon! please, help! 1. Virtualdub does not open video format "avc1" container 3gp. By this I open the video through "FFMpeg Supported Fiels". 2.

Help may still be on time!
I Miro DV500 +, I was faced with the problem of the computer to reset the camera CanonXL-1 image sometimes falling "blocks" of the animated cartoon with sbroce 6. 0. Moreover, there are clicks on the sound. Car, thank God, fast - Athlone 1. 2Giga raid and so on.

Advise card for cutting screenshots from the video under XP
The task such. I need to cut screenshots from videocassettes (quality, in general, does not matter, because they are needed for an Internet article). That is, the card must be low frequency input. Digitize live video I do not need.